Cologix Brings AWS Direct Connect To Minneapolis


Cologix has ended the year in a grand fashion, by announcing the launch of an AWS Direct Connect location in Minneapolis. This new node is located at the company’s MIN3 datacenter.

And allows customers to access the AWS US East (Ohio) location via Direct Connect.

No stranger to AWS Direct Connect, Cologix, a network neutral interconnection and datacenter company, been actively offering new nodes throughout the year. This Minneapolis arrangement provides Amazon cloud users with fast and stable, high-speed private access to the AWS platform.

And allows customers to easily and instantly establish connectivity to their Amazon VPCs spread across multiple AWS regions.

Cologix Logo

As stated by Wayne Dietrich, Chief Sales Officer at Cologix:

“We are pleased to add Minneapolis as the fourth AWS Direct Connect node in the Cologix solution, along with Columbus, Montreal and Vancouver. Minneapolis has long been an attractive alternative to more congested markets like Chicago and is home to the highest number of Fortune 500 companies per capita in the country. We applaud AWS’s forward thinking to broaden the number of AWS Direct Connect nodes to reach large and sophisticated enterprises in markets like Minneapolis.”

One of the largest interconnection providers in Minneapolis, Cologix already provides connectivity to more than 100 unique networks, as well as direct access to MICE, better known as the Minnesota Internet Cooperative Exchange.

For more information on Cologix, visit the company’s official website here.