AWS Direct Connect Gateway Finally Solves Connectivity Headaches

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AWS has solved a major connectivity challenge for its largest customers by unveiling Direct Connect Gateway that makes it possible for users to extend virtual networks across multiple regions.

Direct Connect private circuits can now be link up and access the Amazon cloud in other geographies, without necessitating the needs of significant investments in time, money, and administrative energy to set up this intra region connectivity.

The cloud giant announced the big news on the official AWS blog, with the familiar face of Jeff Barr explaining how each new addition works:

“Today we are making Direct Connect simpler and more powerful with the addition of the Direct Connect Gateway. We are also giving Direct Connect customers in any Region the ability to create public virtual interfaces that receive our global IP routes and enable access to the public endpoints for our services and updating the Direct Connect pricing model.”

AWS enterprise customers had been asking for this intra region capability for a long time, ever since the cloud leader introduced Virtual Private Cloud in 2009. In the meantime, they were forced to work with bespoke solutions to create connectivity between the regions.

And considering the fact that almost all major AWS customers use VPC for their virtualized networking environments, they will now have access to the more than 60 colocation providers around the world that offer Direct Connect.

This latest addition now enables greater security, bandwidth, and more predictable data transfer performance for these users.

You can read up on the complete details at the link above — there’s a lot to like here.