Protegrity Joins AWS Partner Network

Cloud Data Security

Protegrity, an up and coming provider of data centric enterprise data solutions, has announced that it has become part of the AWS Partner Network, as an APN Technology Partner.

The firm offers organizations that are migrating sensitive data workloads an added layer of data protection, alongside the already secure Amazon Web Services platform. Basically, enhancing security and compliance for enterprises that demand the utmost.

Protegrity Logo

Dominic Sartorio, the Senior Vice President of Products and Development at Protegrity:

“AWS has emerged as a critical platform as CIOs look to shift increasingly more data workloads and applications to the cloud. By joining the AWS Partner Network, we can help organizations protect their sensitive data from bad actors while enabling its full usability by authorized users on AWS environments.”

Two solutions are currently available for AWS users, namely the Protegrity Data Security Gateway for Amazon S3 and the Protegrity Big Data Protector for Amazon EMR, and both help to amplify the security of an organization’s most sensitive data quickly and easily.

This is accomplished by defining data security policies for specific sensitive data classes, and consistently applying those policies everywhere that data resides, including AWS workloads.

Organizations can protect sensitive information throughout its lifecycle in complex IT ecosystems. And users also get access to centralized governance, alerting, reporting and auditing, as well as the ability to support compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR.

You can find out more information on what the company offers here.