Amazon Bumps Up Bandwidth For AWS

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Fatter pipes! Amazon recently announced that it was increasing the bandwidth available to its cloud ARM, with AWS user now getting the ability to resize and decide on the capacity they need.

In line with their needs, so to say.

The actual bandwidth will depend from case to case, and size to size. But as an example, the traffic flowing from EC2 and S3 will now be able to occupy up to 25 Gbps of bandwidth. Previously, this type of traffic only had access to 5 Gbps — rather limiting for certain workloads.

For EC2 and EC2, traffic will now be able to take up to 5 Gbps of bandwidth for single-flow, or 25 Gbps for multi-flow, with a flow representing a single, point-to-point connection.

EC2 and S3 being Elastic Compute Cloud and Simple Storage Service respectively, in case you’re new to the world of cloud.

Then there’s also ENA, an interface that AWS ha launched in June 2016. Going by the name of Elastic Network Adapter, this was said to be in line with the company’s longer-term goals of scaling up as bandwidth grew and the vCPU count increased.

This latest launch, however, should be of immense help to users that run data-intensive applications on the cloud and want access to large amounts of bandwidth.

Good start.