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I’m an Amazon Web Services Evangelist and I have all 5 AWS Certifications. I’m also a Global Programme Director, Enterprise Architect, Leader, Teacher and Mentor.

I created this site to help AWS users, professionals and business owners get the most out of everything Amazon Web Services has to offer

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May 26, 2017 in AWS News

How AWS Helped OakNorth Build UK’s First Cloud Based Bank

AWS has helped a young fintech provider, OakNorth, build the UK’s first cloud based bank, paving the way for a whole new breed of cloud banking services in the region. In a field where security is the paramount factor. OakNorth Bank is described by its founders as the bank for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. And it became functional a year...

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May 25, 2017 in Certifications

My Path To Getting All Five Amazon AWS Certifications

So I get asked a lot about my 5 Amazon AWS Certifications and what it took to get them. Soon after I decided to become an Amazon Web Services (AWS) professional in December 2015, I made it a goal to get all five AWS certifications. I planned, studied for and achieved this goal in under one year. I am writing this article to share my experienc...

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May 23, 2017 in AWS News

Microsoft Believes AWS Does Not Operate Legally In China

More specifically, the company claims that it is the only multinational cloud provider that has a joint venture with a partner that the Chinese government recognizes. In other words, Microsoft Azure is the only US public cloud that operates legally in China. This is what, Chris Capossela, the chief marketing officer at Microsoft seems to beli...

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May 23, 2017 in AWS News

Amazon Launches A New Training And Certification Portal For AWS

The battle for cloud supremacy sure has picked up pace this year. AWS may still be in the lead, but both Microsoft and Google are growing more quickly, and catching up fast. And Amazon knows this. The cloud giant wants to ensure that there is no shortage of talent for companies to maintain their cloud computing operations and take care of the...

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May 22, 2017 in AWS News

Iconic Computer Scientist James Gosling Joins AWS

What for? That’s perhaps for another day, as although we do not know what exactly James Gosling will be working on, we do know that he has officially joined AWS as a distinguished engineer. The legendary scientist is known as the 'Father of Java' in technology circles. James Gosling came up with the original design of Java, and also impleme...

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