eStruxture Now Offers AWS Direct Connect


eStruxture Data Centers has announced that it is now offering AWS Direct Connect networking to customers, allowing them to directly connect their privately owned and managed IT infrastructure within the eStruxture datacenter to the Amazon cloud.

The company is a renowned network and cloud-neutral datacenter operator based in Montreal.

Canadian users in the area now have the flexibility to privately and securely connect to the Amazon Web Services platform using the AWS Direct Connect service.

This ensures a more consistent network experience than regular Internet connections, with the added benefit of reduced overall networking costs.

eStruxture Logo

Todd Coleman, President of eStruxture:

“We’re very pleased to provide AWS Direct Connect to our clients, and to the Montreal market overall. As Canadian and International enterprise customers look to connect their on-premise and cloud applications, our goal is to provide them with simple and efficient connectivity options, which are backed by our reliable colocation infrastructure.

This offering will enable current and new customers to maximize their IT investments within their colocated or managed spaces while capturing the flexibility of AWS.”

eStruxture specializes in datacenter solutions designed with the capacity, performance, and flexibility to run modern and demanding enterprise applications. It provides access to an ecosystem of over 850 customers, including carriers, cloud providers, media, content, financial services and enterprise users.

You can find out more information on eStruxture product offerings here.