Cologix Enables AWS Direct Connect In Vancouver

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Neutral interconnection and datacenter provider Cologix has added AWS Direct Connect option for customers at its Vancouver facility, officially announcing the availability.

This will allow customers to connect their infrastructure via a secure and private connection to the AWS cloud, thereby boosting performance and reducing costs. Customers are provided access to the Amazon Web Services Canada region from the node.

Which resides at the company’s VAN2 datacenter.

Grant van Rooyen, president and CEO, Cologix had this to say on this occasion:

“We are pleased to add Vancouver to Montreal and Columbus on the list of markets where Cologix supports the native AWS Direct Connect node. Vancouver is a growth market further validates that it is as a key market for interconnection. Customers can greatly benefit from connecting to AWS via the lowest latency option through our data center and we look forward to enabling the Vancouver demand.”

Cologix provides connectivity to more than 40 unique networks, along with direct access to VANIX, the Vancouver Internet Exchange. The unveiling of this latest node will allow the company to offer Amazon Web Services Direct Connect services to customers in Vancouver, Dallas, New Jersey and Toronto.

Find out more information about Cologix here.