ANEXIO Launches AWS Direct Connect In Virginia

The latest AWS Direct Connect launch is in two datacenters in Virginia. ANEXIO has just announced the availability of the service at its ACC4 and ACC5 facilities.

This allows customers the ability to connect their infrastructure to the Amazon Web Services cloud using a private and secure ANEXIO connection, thereby not only cutting costs, but also improving performance compared to the traditional AWS connectivity methods.

ANEXIO is what is known as a Desktop to Data Center Infrastructure-as-a-Service company, and it will be providing these services at its datacenters located in Ashburn, Virginia.

Tony Pompliano, president and CEO:

“ANEXIO’s AWS Direct Connect provides the best of all worlds for our customers and partners. We’re pleased to offer secure, robust connectivity to those organizations who want to maintain or improve their Hybrid Cloud approach. With the growing popularity of Hybrid Cloud, more and more businesses are seeing the numerous benefits of increased security, redundancy, agility and workload capacity.”

The cloud giant has been rapidly expanding its AWS Direct Connect service in order to provide companies that follow the hybrid cloud strategy to maintain their Amazon Web Services presence, particularly for their different business units.

ANEXIO aims to provide customers with a more consistent network experience, free from the ebbs and flows of the standard open Internet based connections.

On top of that, the firm promises to activate most deployments within two weeks, while offering an impressive 99.999% Uptime SLA and utmost privacy and security that a distinctively separate AWS Direct Connect setup allows for.

You can find out more about this AWS partner company, and the services that it offers here.