Ellexus Container Checker Launches On AWS Marketplace

Cloud Monitoring

Ellexus has launched Container Checker on the AWS Marketplace, a pioneering cloud based tool that provides visibility into the inner workings of Docker containers.

This is the first tool that the I/O profiling company has launched aimed at the cloud market, and the solution is built on the expertise that Ellexus has gained by providing dependency analysis and performance tools in big compute environments.

The Ellexus Container Checker brings this expertise to a much wider audience, and enables organizations of all sizes to scale their container workloads rapidly and quickly, no matter the sector they are in.

Ellexus Logo

Ellexus CEO Dr. Rosemary Francis:

“We are extremely excited to launch our first tool aimed directly at improving the lives of cloud platform users. The use of both cloud compute clusters and containers is set to grow extremely quickly over the next few years, which undoubtedly means people will run into challenges as they adapt to new set-ups and try to scale quickly.

Container Checker will help people using cloud platforms to quickly detect problems within their containers before they are let loose on the cloud to potentially waste time and compute spend. Estimates suggest that up to 45% of cloud spend is wasted due in part to unknown application activity and unsuitable storage decisions, which is what we want to help businesses tackle.”

Using the Container Checker is simple and easy.

You simply spin up a container on AWS, run the tool, which will conduct a trace and then deliver a report upon completion. This process only takes as long as the application takes to run, meaning you are provided with data almost instantly.

And a number or really useful checks are included in the trace, including I/O performance, dependencies and security, as well as where your app is wasting time.

Ellexus has made its tool available on the AWS Marketplace here, with plans to add more types of containers over time, and rolling it out on other cloud platforms as well.