PhoenixNAP Is The First AWS Direct Connect Location In Arizona

Another week, and another datacenter has established connectivity into AWS Direct Connect. This time around PhoenixNAP has connected its flagship location to the Amazon cloud platform.

The company is a global provider of IT services, offering security focused cloud infrastructure, bare metal dedicated servers, colocation, and specialized IaaS technology. It announced today that its flagship datacenter in Phoenix, Arizona is now linked with AWS Direct Connect.

This makes it the first Amazon Web Services edge location in the state, and enables the company to provide a direct access to AWS cloud services with low latency and high bandwidth.

Thanks to this connectivity, all companies across the southwest will have a new choice, starting today, in how they connect to the Amazon Web Services platform from their on-premises and colocation environments.

PhoenixNAP Logo

Ian McClarty, President of PhoenixNAP:

“Establishing connectivity into AWS Direct Connect in Arizona is a win for the entire state. The availability of a dedicated network will enable faster, more secure, and highly efficient data transfer and workload migrations, while reducing bandwidth costs.

We are honored to work with AWS to bring this innovation to Arizona and we are excited for the opportunity to enable companies all over the southwest to leverage AWS. With our focus on providing security and hybrid cloud solutions, working with AWS supports our vision and helps to answer our customers’ demands.”

AWS Direct Connect offers reduced bandwidth costs and consistent network performance to a wide array of enterprises — particularly those with sensitive workloads and organizations that are under strict security and compliance regulations to transfer their data to the cloud.

It enables them to transfer data via a private connection, free from the latency of regular connectivity, which often comes out pricier.

You can find out more details about the service here.