AWS Direct Connect Comes To Canberra

Amazon Web Services is now direct to Canberra. The AWS Direct Connect service can now be accessed via a cross connect service at the NEXTDC C1 Canberra facility.

Which is the second point of presence outside Sydney for the cloud giant, and the fourth AWS Direct Connect in Australia.

This latest move is part of the company’s ongoing push to target the federal government and public sector organizations, and will allow customers the ability to establish a secure and private connection between AWS and their own datacenter, office or colocation environment.

In particular, this feature will make AWS all that more attractive to government agencies that are averse to using the public internet to access AWS cloud services.

Andrew Phillips, the AWS ANZ public sector country manager, commented on this occasion, saying that C1 is poised to play a significant role in encouraging innovation in the delivery of digital government services in the region:

“The launch will enable our federal and ACT government customers to connect the hyper-scale AWS Cloud and run synchronous replication across independent zones, helping to ensure government data is managed securely — with high resilience.

This in turn will help government agencies deliver improved services to Australian citizens, who increasingly rely on digital services for their interactions with government.”

The AWS Direct Connect presence in Canberra is something that startups and other companies will also welcome, not just government customers. And that is because these organizations will now be able to use the full portfolio of services on offer with this regional node.