AWS Adds Two New Specialty Certifications

Good news for those that seek to separate themselves from the rest of the IT crowd. AWS has added two new specialty certifications into the mix, to go with several new options that it updated recently.

Speaking about the new AWS Training and Certification Portal.

As we previously covered, Amazon Web Services put up this new website to let users manage their AWS training, exam registration and certifications from a single, central location, from which they can also track their learning process but also access benefits based on the certifications they have achieved.

To help with that, the company also boosted the number of specialty certifications available to users, upping them by two, with the addition of Advanced Networking and Big Data exams.

AWS, of course, has three certification levels — Associate, Specialty and Professional.

These are specialty exams, meaning test takers are required to already have an Associate certification, and at least five years of hands-on experience in the relevant topic area before they can sit down to take these highly focused new tests.

Both exams come with a $300 registration fee.

And you can find out more information on the Advanced Networking specialty exam here, while the details for the Big Data specialty exam are available here.