Amazon Unveils New AWS Cloud Media Services


Video may be more popular than ever, but web based video is become the new normal. To cater to these demands, AWS recently announced new cloud media services.

Designed for organizations in mind that produce a variety of content for customers and users

But creating and publishing videos means that companies and organizations must have efficient methods of processing, storing, and delivering this media. The technological demands for streaming and servicing high quality video from the cloud are momentous.

Enter Amazon’s new AWS Cloud Media services.

The cloud giant actually announced these new additions late last month, detailing how these new services enable users to easily and efficiently deliver and monetize web based video. Five services are part of this new launch, namely:

  • AWS Elemental MediaConvert
  • AWS Elemental MediaLive
  • AWS Elemental MediaPackage
  • AWS Elemental MediaStore
  • AWS Elemental MediaTailor

You can find out the details of each individual service at the link above, but their names basically give away their functions.

MediaConvert, for example, is a service for file based transcoding for broadcast or archiving media, with support for a wide array of different video formats and codecs. MediaLive is designed for video encoding that can be used for streaming video to broadcast television, as well as multiscreen devices.

Users can use MediaPackage to prepare video for live streaming or on-demand delivery to a variety of different platforms and devices, while MediaStore runs on the AWS S3 service to provide a high-performance storage solution optimized for video.

Finally, MediaTailor is for those that want to monetize their video content, by inserting ads into video feeds on both client and server side. It also provides them with reports regarding monetization.

And while all of the above services can be used in tandem, you or your organization may not require all of them. For this reason, Amazon allows for the option of picking and choosing the ones that make the most sense. Pricing, as is usually the case, follows the standard pay-as-you-go model.