Botmetric Releases API For AWS

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The release of these public APIs means that Botmetric customers and partners can use them to integrate the platform with third-party applications and systems. On both the AWS and Azure clouds.

Botmetric is an intelligent cloud management platform provider.

This AI powered cloud management platform allows businesses and managed service providers to monitor, optimize, and manage their cloud services. They can now use the Botmetric API to retrieve their cost governance data.

Which can then be added to internal dashboards, or used for custom analytics, as well as on other third-party applications.

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Botmetric CEO Vijay Rayapati:

“We have always been an API-centric platform with microservices architecture. We are now opening up APIs to be consumed by our customers to access their data on Botmetric. This will enable customers to build on top of the existing features provided by Botmetric.”

The platform allows users to gain full visibility of their AWS and Azure cloud services and governance control. It also comes with budgeting and forecasting capabilities, specifically designed for cost management on the cloud.

With the availability of the Botmetric API, business applications now have the ability to retrieve a list of available payer accounts and linked accounts as well as detailed information on cloud spend.

You can find out the full details, and information on how to use the Biometric API here.