MicroStrategy Enterprise Analytics Platform Comes To AWS

MicroStrategy has announced that it has made available its enterprise analytics platform on AWS, providing Amazon Web Services users with an on-demand solution that can be up and running fast.

The company, an enterprise analytics specialist, has put up its MicroStrategy 10 platform on the world’s leading pubic cloud service.

This version has been built specifically for deployment on AWS, completely optimized for the cloud platform, and comes with a provisional portal for administrators that allows them to create and deploy dedicated cloud environments.

As Michael J Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, put it:

“By offering MicroStrategy on AWS, we’re making it easy for anyone, anywhere, to use the MicroStrategy platform and intelligently collaborate around analytics. Combined with our free MicroStrategy Desktop product, users can immediately create a cloud environment on AWS and connect to a centralized server where they can work together, share, and maintain governance over datasets and dashboards. This new offering marks a significant achievement in helping organizations access and deploy transformative analytics applications on AWS in minutes.”

Organizations now have the power to leverage more than 20 AWS services together with the MicroStrategy 10 platform, getting the ability to rapidly deploy new enterprise analytics and mobility environments in minutes.

Businesses are now collecting more information than ever before, and this calls for a need for a reliable and accessible way to analyze all that data.

The MicroStrategy 10 platform offers enterprise data discovery, as well as a range of reporting and dashboards, along with optimized connectors to hundreds of databases, and personalized distribution capabilities to go with its powerful predictive analytics.

A free 30-day trial of MicroStrategy on AWS is available on the company’s website here.