AWS Released 497 New Services And Features Last Quarter

Cloud Features

Impressive. Most impressive. As Darth Vader would have said. AWS not only saw an accelerated revenue growth last year, but the cloud giant also stepped up in delivering new services to its customers, too.

Amazon released its financials for the three months ending December at the start of this month.

And perhaps, more than the earnings, the numbers that stood out was the number of new services and improvements to current ones that the cloud giant rolled out for users of its platform. What’s even more outstanding is that these were rolled out just last quarter.

A total of 497 new features were added to the platform in these past three months.

These are significant new additions, mind you.

The total number of such launches in 2017 swelled to 1,430 in total.

Yes, there are some concerns about how all these new features are complicating the cloud, making it more difficult for users to wrap their head around. Particularly, those relating to new and nascent technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learnings.

But then again, this services bonanza is indicative of the continuing efforts from Amazon to maintain its top spot in the market and sit at what some may call the bleeding edge of innovation.

Not only does Amazon continue to build new datacenter regions around the globe, and innovate around security and databases, it has also made notable progression in its portfolio of services and features that it has made available to users.

On the cloud, yes, but also in areas like software — which AWS is now deeply focused on.

All that said, it’s hard to imagine Amazon going at this pace for feature and services rollout in 2018. But if it can, then it is sure to be a sight to behold.