Australia Seeing Massive Demand For Certified AWS Engineers

A recent analysis conducted by Indeed, the popular job site, indicates that the number of AWS job posting in Australia has increased by 153% from March 2014 to March 2017.

Tallying up to a year-over-year increase of 37%.

What’s even more interesting is that there is a massive demand for certified AWS engineers, and this is now quickly becoming a baseline expectation in this field. Even as employers are clearly feeling a shortage of AWS skills in the market in the region.

The demand has outstripped the supply of job seekers for quite some time now, as over the past year, the number of AWS job postings were found to be consistently 6 to 12 times the supply of people looking at these roles.

And yet, most skilled IT professionals miss out as they do not have AWS Associate level certification.

As AWS specialist recruiter Carmen Parnos, Founder and Director of the Cloud Talent Group revealed, employers now prefer a minimum of Associate level certification:

“I have one customer at the moment who is looking to put on 50 cloud engineers with a mix of AWS skills and certification preferences for different practices within the cloud business. There is a massive demand for certified AWS engineers, but opportunities for the un-certified are fewer and far between.

Those who are toying with the idea of becoming AWS certified should not toy with it. It is quickly becoming a baseline expectation. My advice to job seekers is: don’t let the market leave you behind. Invest in yourself. In fact, as far as salary opportunities go, a solutions architect or devops engineer’s worth in the market goes up as high as 30% by having an AWS certification under his or her belt.”

On the other side of the spectrum, companies have it tough when it comes to finding people that are properly skilled on AWS. Many professionals that come through the ranks are those that can help with basic things, but most do not offer advanced skill sets.

AWS certification, then, is becoming more of a job requirement, than something that was considered nice to have a few years back.