Inpixon Selects AWS For Indoor Positioning Analytics


Leading indoor positioning and data analytics company, Inpixon, has announced that it will be using Amazon Web Services to deliver a greater range of SaaS offerings.

Software as a Service offerings that include both on-premises security monitoring and cloud-hosted intelligence analytics.

AWS allows the company to offer a solution that is highly resilient, highly available, and infinitely scalable. This helps in leveraging a centralized development and operations team to be able to provide an unprecedented level of service to its customers.

While simultaneously lowering operational costs.

Inpixon Logo

Shirish Tangirala, Inpixon CPO:

“After extensive research and several successful test scenarios, we are very confident that AWS is the right choice for Inpixon’s IPA. IPA’s analytics engine requires a robust, high-performance infrastructure to compute an immense amount of locational data captured hourly by our sensors in order to deliver positional accuracy and intelligence.

Based on performance, scalability, and security, AWS is the ideal fit.”

IPA will migrate to AWS using EC2 for virtual machine instances, Aurora for a scalable and resilient database, CloudWatch for system monitoring and alerting, as well as the Elasticsearch Service for log file and system metric consolidation and querying.

In addition to that the ECS service for better OS level virtualization management.

And since AWS is a federal government approved cloud solution, the Inpixon Indoor Positioning Analytics platform is now also able to deliver security analytics solutions to its federal customers.

In addition to that, this blockbuster cloud partnership allows the company to deliver a solution where the entire application stack, and all data stores are hosted within the host country or region of the customer, thereby allowing customers to comply with certain privacy mandates.

To find out more, check out the company’s website here.