AWS Set To Get A Machine Translation Service

Word on the street is that Amazon is gearing up to bring machine translation service to its AWS cloud platform, providing developers the ability to incorporate it into their apps.

Everything is in early stages right now, but according to this CNBC report, the cloud giant plans to announce the availability of this new service before the big re:Invent user conference, which will get underway this November.

And while Amazon Web Services is usually a leader when it comes to launching of new products and services center around the cloud, it’s playing catch up here — Microsoft Azure customers already have access to an API, while the Google Cloud Platform also offers machine translation capabilities.

In fact, Google has been working on computer assisted translations for almost a decade.

Likewise for Amazon, which uses a translation service based on machine learning research, and it sounds like a version of this is what is coming soon for its cloud customers.

On top of that, Amazon also has a ton of experience in developing natural language processing technology, which it has used to improve the discoverability of books for years. Not to mention, a huge data set of foreign language books, which the company can use to train its models.

You can bet the cloud provider will put all this intelligence to good use here.

In a market where cloud companies are vying for customer attention by offering higher level services like artificial intelligence and machine learning. This latest effort will just another in the line of the AI driven features Amazon has been adding to its AWS platform.

A recent addition being Amazon Rekognition, an image recognition and analysis service that the cloud giant rolled out a few days back.

More information on this rumored new translation service, however, should be with us in the coming months leading up to the November event.

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