Oracle Spins Up 12 New Datacenters In Fight With AWS

Oracle Building Logo

Time to take a look at what AWS competitors are doing. Oracle may be a distant one when it comes to cloud rankings, but the company has declared war with Amazon.

As it tries to steal market share away from the cloud leader.

And in order to do that, the company has recently announced that it will add new cloud regions around the world over the next two years — 12 new datacenters, basically, to entice users to choose its cloud platform instead of the likes of AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Or Alibaba, for that matter.

This massive effort to add availability and capacity to its cloud infrastructure may not actually be enough to help the company compete more fully immediately, as it will also need to ramp up spending on new technologies and services to match its rivals.

But at least, the company has plans in place to make its cloud stand out.

According to this new report, two of the datacenters are set to go live in the US, two in Canada, one each in China, India, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, and Switzerland. Even Saudi Arabia is getting one.

It is said that Oracle was planning to quadruple its number of datacenters with this effort.

However, even with this epic growth, the company pales in comparison to AWS, with Amazon now offering a total of 52 availability zones within 18 geographic regions across the globe.

The general consensus is that Oracle can’t buy its success in the cloud, as this is a field where even IBM is struggling to catch up with rivals. There’s no denying how successful Oracle has been in software, applications, and services, but this success has not carried over to the cloud.

At least, not yet.

Let’s see if these plans signal the winds of change.