AWS Gets Celebrity Spotting As A Service?

Well, that’s what it looks like! The AWS cloud platform has picked up a new set of skills that allows it to ID hundreds of thousands of celebrities, from actors to athletes, and everything in between.

Celebrity spotting as a service is now a reality!

Basically, Amazon Web Services has been at it since late 2016, when it launched Rekognition, a service that according to the cloud giant offered image recognition based on deep learning. It allowed users the ability to search verify and organize millions of images.

Of course, the idea goes beyond celebrities, of course, but for now, the company has trained the service to identify hundreds of thousands of people who are famous, or prominent in the fields of politics, sports, entertainment, business, and media.

AWS even has a demo up for you to play with — as long as you have an AWS account.

The company says that its list of celebrities is global, and is frequently updated, and it plans more improvements in the future.