AWS Feeling Threatened By Kubernetes?

Looks like the popularity of Kubernetes is unsettling AWS, the cloud leader. And in order to take the fight to Google, the company is thinking about developing a cloud container management tool.

Based on Kubernetes, of course.

This report makes this bold claim, citing anonymous sources that do business with Amazon Web Services. And according to them, AWS is feeling threatened by the popularity of Kubernetes, due to the simple fact that they do not own it.

The AWS platform, obviously, already offers support for Kubernetes, which cloud users can use for container management and orchestration.

Even though it already has its own similar service that goes by the name of EC2 Container Service, or ECS, for short.

But the fact remains that users find it easier to use Kubernetes on the Google Cloud Platform, and this results in customers that start using the software on AWS often switching over to Google. As a matter of pure fact, an anonymous source says that ECS usage is less than stellar, and customers don’t like it.

Kubernetes, meanwhile, developed as an open source solution by Google, is now used by several large technology companies like IBM, VMware, Red Hat and Canonical.

They use it to manage clusters of containers on their customer infrastructures.

This leading container orchestration tool is currently in a booming market that is forecasted to grow from $762 million in revenue last year to nearly $2.7 billion in 2020.

A market that AWS cannot afford to ignore.

This potential development centered on Kubernetes comes right at a time when the cloud giant seems to be looking at is competitors for ways to improve its service.

These Kubernetes rumors are right at home with the talk of Amazon being in talks with VMware about development enterprise data center software. All in a bid to allow it to compete directly with the recently unveiled Microsoft Azure Stack solution that lets enterprises build their own private clouds.