Atlassian Relying On AWS For European Expansion

Atlassian, a maker of messaging products for the workspace, has confirmed its plans to introduce new infrastructure for European customers, running on Amazon Web Services.

Customers in the region should now see increases in performance, and this partnership will also help with data localization laws if they come into play.

Based in Sydney, Australia, the company is known for the cloud powered tools it makes for software developers and product management teams. It was founded in 2002, before the advent of public clouds, and this marks a big shift for the firm.

Atlassian chose to officially make the announcement on Tuesday at the first Atlassian Summit in Europe, home to nearly half of its customer base.

And according to the company, the economics of this move just make too much sense.

Some of its more renowned products include the JIRA development console, a dashboard of which you can see below, the Trello product management app, and a chat service popular among development teams, going by the name of HipChat.

Up until now, all Atlassian customers had the option of running the software on their own machines, or deploy and manage it themselves on AWS, if they so preferred. Alternatively, Atlassian has provided the option of managing everything on its own data centers.

However, all of these workloads were based in the United States.

And even the best infrastructure providers on the planet suffer from latency issues, and this is where this AWS expansion for Europe comes into the picture.

Moving the infrastructure closer to the users results in a noticeable increase in performance.

The company will not be setting up data centers in Europe for this endeavor, and instead rely on the AWS platform. Ireland has been chosen as the location of the company’s first European region, with Atlassian planning to introduce other locations in the continent over time.