AWS Serverless Application Repository Goes Live

Serverless Cloud

Amazon Web Services has announced the general availability of its AWS Serverless Application Repository, which enables users to find and deploy serverless applications and components.

It was previously available in public preview.

The cloud giant put up a detailed blog post announcing this launch, while also detailing the features and options users can expect.

Designed for producers and consumers of serverless apps, this repository can be accessed from the Lambda Console. Serverless applications and components can be configured and deployed to an AWS account directly, with the option of adding in additional features.

Plus, pull requests can be submitted to the author as well.

Publishers can supply a link to their existing source code repo, a SAM template, and designate a semantic version while submitting a contribution. This, after they add in their name, description, labels, and an open source license.

Amazon lists several regions where applications can be deployed, while the company recommends publishing from the US East (N. Virginia) or US East (Ohio) regions for global availability.

Lambda made quite a splash when it was announced roughly three years ago, allowing developers the ability to write short computing functions that are run in response to trigger events — without the need to manage the underlying computing infrastructure.

Since then, serverless application development has drawn quite a bit of interest from AWS customers, as it helps save time and streamline the development of cloud workloads.

With the serverless marketing in its infancy, this launch gives Amazon Web Services an early advantage.