AWS Now The 5th Largest Software Company In The World

Software Development

The Amazon cloud is now so big that it can be classified as the 5th largest software company in the world. What’s more, AWS could surpass SAP to become the 4th biggest before 2020.

If this stupendous growth continues, that is.

So quickly has Amazon cloud business grown in the past decade that it has left behind several other large software businesses around the world. The only publicly traded business software companies that are ahead of AWS now are names like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and SAP.

This, according to a report by FactSet, which took into account AWS revenue jumping 43% in 2017 to the highs of $17.5 billion, representing about a tenth of the total Amazon revenue for the year.

Assuming AWS continues this growth in 2018, it could very well surpass SAP in size before the end of next year. SAP reported revenue of $26.5 billion in 2017, up 6%. And the company expects the same growth rate in 2018.

Analysts, meanwhile, are projecting a 38% growth for AWS this year.

Additionally, thanks to its lineup of cloud-based databases, analytics tools, productivity apps, and obviously the raw computing capacity, Amazon Web Services is almost twice as big as Salesforce, which generated sales of $9.9 billion over the past four quarters, translating to a growth rate of 25%.

In any case, the leading provider of cloud infrastructure technology has proven that it can duke it out with the best of them.

Even the top software companies on the planet.