Ensono And AWS Launch A Hyperscale Cloud Incubator

The two companies have a new project. Ensono and Amazon Web Services have recently announced the launch of its Hyperscale Cloud business unit, which will serve as the company incubator for the former.

The idea here is to accelerate a new-to-market cloud service offering built on top of AWS.

Not new to the concept of incubation, Ensono already has experience with the Nation Trust, and the company went in with a three-phase approach of identifying assets and services across the enter IT estate, thereby enabling the National Trust to establish its data center strategy.

Ensono is planning something similar for this new incubator, with the main goal of nurturing and growing ideas and product offerings around the public cloud.

As Brett Moss, senior vice president & general manager, Hyperscale Cloud, Ensono put it:

“Amazon Web Services helps our clients increase business agility, facilitate innovation and accelerate their time to market. Bringing the AWS benefits alongside Ensono as their Managed Services Provider, enables our clients to focus their resources on running their businesses.”

Ensono currently has a managed Amazon Web Services portfolio of five modules — AWS consulting and proof of concept, AWS migrations, cloud run and operate services, AWS advanced automation services, advanced and cost optimization.

According to the company, the structure of these modules enables the company to meet the needs of its clients wherever they are on their cloud journeys.

This new incubation, in collaboration with AWS, will further support the firm in helping its clients in achieving their digital transformation goals.