Toyota Racing Development Goes All In On AWS


I just love it when they go all in! Shows commitment. Shows that an organization has complete faith in the platform. Toyota Racing Development is the latest company that is going all in on AWS.

TRD is the in-house engineering division for Toyota and Lexus motorsports program.

And they have just announced that they are building their race intelligence system on the AWS cloud in order to help their teams win NASCAR races. The unit plans to use the industry leading cloud services provided by Amazon Web Services to create their mission critical applications.

Applications that enable its crews to improve precision, consistency, and speed during practice runs and in competition.

These race intelligence applications apply real time analytics and machine learning on the data collected from vehicles and their environments, in order to better understand how a particular vehicle handles on any track under any circumstance.

Toyota Racing Development Logo

Chris Andronaco, Technology Director at Toyota Racing Development:

“The opportunity for technology to impact how races are won cannot be overstated, and the reliability, flexibility, and speed that AWS provides to our engineers across the globe unequivocally helps us win races. Our cars recently finished first through fourth at Watkins Glen International, and this would not have happened without our engineers—both on and off the track—leveraging the strategy and engineering systems we built on AWS.

We use AWS to do everything from setting up our cars in chassis tuning simulations to making fuel and tire strategy calls from the pit boxes during the races. Choosing AWS, the world’s most versatile and feature-rich cloud service, as our exclusive cloud provider has allowed us to innovate in ways that weren’t possible with our previous public cloud provider.”

Solid stuff!

AWS and Toyota Racing Development have already enjoyed a reliable partnership for the past three years, where the cloud provider helped the racing unit with technologies like machine learning and analytics.

This new deal will further help TRD turn these insights into competitive advantage on the raceway.