Nokia Signs Public Cloud Pact With AWS

Cloud Technology

Yes, that Nokia. Swisscom and Nokia have agreed to partner up with AWS on cloud services for enterprise customers, with the goal of accelerating the migration of applications to the cloud.

The idea being to drive digital innovation for large enterprise customers.

The companies confirmed that they were working together to combine their product portfolio in order to help service providers deliver differentiated solutions using the Nokia SD-WAN and its Impact IoT platform.

These will see integration with AWS Greengrass, as well as the various machine learning and artificial intelligence services that Amazon provides to users on its cloud.

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The Swiss operator has also signed a similar deal with Microsoft, as it is currently in the process of rolling out its services suites to support enterprises that are planning to migrate their IT infrastructure to either Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

For AWS, the scope of the agreement covers four areas of collaboration.

The immediate being Nokia supporting service providers in their AWS implementation strategy, with its suite of services that range from consulting, design, integration, migration as well as operation for infrastructure and applications.

The two companies will also team up to generate new 5G and Edge Cloud strategies.

On the enterprise side of things, the AWS and Nokia plan to provide and guidance for customers and to bring an improved user experience for Nuage Networks SD-WAN customers that are using AWS.

And finally, the two companies also announced plans to commercialize IoT use cases with technologies like AWS Greengrass, Amazon Machine Learning, Nokia Multi-access Edge Computing and the Nokia Impact platform.

A lot of enterprise flavor in this partnership, but then again, this is what Nokia is all about these days.

Solid win for Amazon nevertheless, this.