AWS Still the Only Cloud People Want, Says Jefferies

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Well, there you have it folks! Straight from Jefferies. Who say that despite the popular opinion that companies are opting for multicloud environments, AWS is still the only cloud that most clients want.

Easily ahead of competing platforms like Microsoft Azure and Google Compute Engine.

This was claimed by Brent Thill of Jefferies & Co.

Along with the prediction that Amazon Web Services revenue will grow several times over in the years to come, hitting the high of $55 billion in five years from now, up from $17 billion this year. Amazon, is still the runaway leader in this market, according to the analyst.

He also concluded that the popular opinion about the desire for alternatives is wrong:

“In marked contrast to popular opinion among many in the industry, at least one expert has yet to find a compelling reason to recommend more than one cloud. In his expert view, increases in complexity and cost from running a multi-cloud environment remain too difficult to overcome, while the need for hybrid stems mostly from prior datacenter investments, rather than any compelling long-term strategic advantage.”

So, basically, the notion of multicloud public cloud environments where customers balance workloads between different providers is largely irrelevant, and most customers are opting for Amazon.

Thill writes that nearly every inbound client request at Cloudnexa, a channel partners for AWS, is still for Amazon Web Services. There is significantly less demand for Microsoft Azure and Google, though he does say something interesting about Alibaba.

Terming Alibaba Cloud as an up and comer to keep an eye on, based on its drive due to a strong international presence, and a mentality very similar to Amazon, focused on cost and customer experience.

The next five years could be really, really interesting, the way things are heading right now!