AllCloud Achieves AWS Security Competency Status

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Time for some partner news. AllCloud, a cloud migration and deployment specialist, has announced that it has achieved the Security Competency Status at Amazon Web Services.

This designation from the cloud giant recognizes that a company has demonstrated the expertise and technical proficiency in security solutions that help its customers in achieving their cloud security requirements and goals.

Achieving this competency differentiates AllCloud as an AWS Advanced Partner Network (APN) member that can provide specialized consulting services designed to help enterprises adopt, develop, and deploy complex security projects on the Amazon Web Services platform.

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As Lahav Savir, AllCloud Co-founder and CTO put it:

“AllCloud is proud to be at the forefront our cloud security. Our team is dedicated to helping companies achieve their security goals by combining our expert knowledge base, the industry’s best technology with the wide range of solid security tools AWS has to offer.”

AllCloud has experience with AWS infrastructure deployments that include technologies and features like firewalls, IDS, proxies, IPS, SIEM, VPC design, multi-VPC design patterns and multi-region redundancy, as well as infrastructure for secrets management

It can also help organizations with DDoS Resiliency, and building custom applications, as well as guiding and implementing security strategies across multiple AWS accounts.

You can take a look at what they offer here.