Symantec Secures Cloud Deal With AWS

Cloud Landscape

How’s that for a headline! Symantec has been flying high lately, after making some big moves in recent years to expand into new areas. And now the company has signed a cloud deal with AWS.

A strategic one, at that.

Amazon will now be providing the company with strategic infrastructure services for the majority of its cloud workloads. Symantec will also use the Amazon Web Services platform to deliver cloud security to global customers, building upon this continuing relationship with the cloud leader.

In addition to using the platform AWS for its cloud based infrastructure operations, Symantec will also use the AWS Marketplace to deliver security services.

The security giant has constructed a data lake on AWS where it is collecting data from 175 million endpoints and 57 million attack vectors. This will provide it with a constantly updated global security dataset amounting to tens of terabytes every day.

Symantec Logo

In the words of Raj Patel, Vice President, Cloud Platform Engineering at Symantec:

“Our cloud-first approach to engineering requires a highly scalable and reliable infrastructure that helps our team deliver faster time-to-market and ensure that security remains our top priority. AWS’s experience serving some of the most risk-sensitive enterprise customers was an important part of the decision to choose AWS as we execute on our enterprise Integrated Cyber Defense strategy.”

He further commented that his company is committed to protecting cloud data, while at the same time leveraging cloud technology to deliver Symantec services.

The two companies will collaborate on cloud services as well as data analytics, machine learning, and containerization. While Symantec is also moving legacy applications to the cloud, in addition to building new, cloud native and hybrid workloads.

Symantec released a positive Q2 report for FY 2018, reporting a 26% increase in revenues over the previous year, along with a 47% increase in operating income.

This new team up will help the security firm update its cloud security products portfolio, while also helping it expand into new territories in cloud technology.