AWS And Cerner In For A Huge Healthcare Deal

Healthcare Technology

Big show! Sources say that AWS is about to announce a titanic healthcare deal with Cerner, with both companies set to announce a deeper partnership at the anticipated re:Invent conference next week.

Which already promises to be quite an event.

Apparently, the talks between both companies are in the late stages, and the inking of this deal would help AWS push more deeply into healthcare — an area that it is actively targeting as the cloud giant marches towards its goal of $20 billion in annual revenue.

And Cerner is the perfect partner to help Amazon crack this massive industry, one that has traditionally been rather slow to adopt the cloud.

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As noted, AWS CEO Andy Jassy is planning to announce this team up with Cerner, which is one of the largest health technology companies in the world. The idea is to help healthcare providers make better use of their data to make health predictions about patients.

Citing unnamed sources, the report claims that this partnership is initially focused on HealtheIntent that enables hospitals to gather and analyze huge volumes of clinical data to improve the health outcomes of patients, as well as lower treatment costs.

Of course, it is not the first time AWS and Cerner have joined forces.

A Cerner vice president gave a 47-minute presentation on how HealtheIntent used the AWS cloud platform for storage, compute, networking, databases, and on-demand disaster recovery.

This new deal will simply solidify this relationship, and is potentially much more significant in how it allows big medical institutions access to the HealtheIntent analytics engine at the speed, scale and artificial intelligence capabilities of the Amazon Web Services cloud platform.

Big show!