Stratoscale Chorus On-Site AWS Launches


Cheeky. Hybrid cloud infrastructure company Stratoscale has launched Chorus, a week before the Amazon is getting its re:Invent conference underway in Las Vegas.

Catch up on everything that this event may bring here.

But getting back to Chorus, this is a suite of AWS compatible services that organizations can use to run cloud native applications, only on their own sites. This fully managed service sits on top of the company’s Symphony IaaS services, which are also designed to be AWS compatible.


The firm has lined up an impressive list of features for launch of this new service, including load balancers that work nicely with AWS Elastic Load Balancers, object storage that is AWS S3 compatible, and file services that are Elastic File Services compatible.

On the database side of things, Chorus offers a database that is plays nice with the Relational Database Service. And to top it all off, there is even a managed Kubernetes option supporting version 8.1 of the popular container service.

What’s really interesting is that this is an attempt from Stratoscale to offer what OpenStack could not.

And that is, providing the full AWS like cloud native experience, without actually being Amazon Web Services. OpenStack tried to become better than AWS, but this new service is taking things slowly.

Check out how Chorus can be beneficial for your organization on the official website here.