Globecomm Joins AWS Partner Network


New entry! Globecomm is now part of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network, with the telecommunications company receiving the designation of a Standard Technology Partner.

What this partnership basically means for the company is that it can now seamlessly integrate its global satellite and fiber network with the storage, computing and cloud content delivery services that AWS provides on its cloud.

The firm can also provision content, work processes and network connectivity of its client into the Amazon cloud, as well as provide existing AWS customers access to its teleports, satellite capacity, fiber points of presence and cloud software applications.

Globecomm Logo

Globecomm CEO Jason Juranek:

“We have been developing platforms and scalable customer solutions on AWS since late 2014. Like many of our customers, we turned to AWS for cost-effective, secure hosting of our own applications and content.  With this agreement, our customers can leverage our expertise in service design and delivery for both on-premise and cloud strategies while enjoying serious savings in implementation time and overall cost.”

He talked about how customers had to use traditional stacked hardware in their own data centers, in the past, only to then build their own teleport and operate the entire environment just to serve their markets.

This now changes, and organizations can now develop solutions, create content, and connect to it globally without ever owning a single physical asset.

Globecomm is currently working on expanding its points of presence with AWS across North America, Central Europe and Southeast Asia.

You can find out how that is coming along here.