SpotX Links Up With AWS

Video Streaming

SpotX, the video ad serving platform, has announced that it is linking up with Amazon Web Services, which will allow for interoperability on the world’s leading cloud platform.

This development follows the launch of the AWS Elemental Media Services last month, a set of solutions that Amazon has created to provide media and content companies with all the tools they need to launch streaming video networks.

The AWS Media Services platform basically contains the building blocks for streaming video, and allows organizations that would not have been able to launch a streaming video service in the past, to do so.

And now, with this new deal, companies will be able to use the cloud based SpotX ad serving platform with AWS Elemental MediaTailor for targeting advertising into videos.

SpotX Logo

In the words of Jeremy Straight, senior VP of strategic partnerships for SpotX:

“The integration streamlines the workflow for joint customers… and eliminates the need for custom engineering. It also positions SpotX as one of the preferred monetization options for clients using Elemental Media.

The integration also allows them to use AWS Elemental and their server-side ad insertion [SSAI] product while continuing to use SpotX as their primary ad server, and it gives them more ad stack choices and more control over their inventory outside of walled gardens like Google, Facebook, and Comcast.”

The addition of SpotX into the mix allows the video platform to take advantage of the scale and size of the AWS cloud, and bring more clients into the targeted video fold.

It also serves as a means for companies like SpotX to bring in new potential clients that already make use of the Amazon Web Services platform, but may not actually be familiar with the video ad delivery products.

The firm is already foreseeing more referral business from Elemental clients in region where they don’t have a strong foothold, in particular Asia-Pacific.

Good going.