Telaria Can Now Serve Ads On AWS Content

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It’s all coming together! Telaria has announced that its monetization software is now able to target and serve ads on AWS content. In other words, content that is streamed via Amazon Web Services.

This ability to serve commercials gives content owners that use the AWS cloud platform a better way to manage and monetize their content across multiplatform environments.

Amazon has been heavily focused on expanding the capabilities of its Elemental media services in recent times, and now other companies are jumping in the game, integrating their own unique products and services into the mix.

Rama Roberts, VP of Engineering for Telaria:

“We are excited to announce interoperability with AWS Elemental MediaTailor to bring leading technology and services to our clients. CTV in particular, has challenging requirements around latency and quality of ads, both of which are well met with our joint solution, and further help publishers who look to maximize monetization across their range of content.”


Telaria says that its software provides users with a secure and scalable solution that targets and tailors advertising to connected devices. It also helps measure audience engagement.

This allows content to be better monetized, maintaining video quality and offering simple management in a connected TV environment. That too, in a world where viewing habits are rapidly shifting away from televisions to mobile devices.

Telaria builds software to monetize mobile, desktop, and CTV video inventory with greater speed, control, and transparency.

Find out what the company is all about here.