AWS Strikes A New Blockchain Partnership


Partnering its way in? While cloud providers like Microsoft and IBM are going all guns blazing into blockchain, Amazon has taken a cautious approach to the phenomenon.

Publicly stating that it wanted to wait and see.

Nevertheless, while the world still waits for a proprietary Amazon blockchain solution, the cloud giant continues to invest in the technology through its partner ecosystem. As a matter of fact, the company lists several blockchain products on its AWS Blockchain portal.

Signaling the fact that is contend merely hosting third-party solutions, instead of providing proprietary tools for distributed ledgers.

Anyway, the company has just made official a new partnership with a technology consulting firm that goes by the name of Luxoft Holding. It will join five other firms that are set to offer blockchain solutions certified to run on the Amazon Web Services platform.

Luxoft vice president of technology strategy, Vasiliy Suvorov, talked about this:

“Blockchain is about removing data silos, improving trust and operational efficiencies. By using AWS to deploy and integrate DLTs into day-to-day processes, businesses can revolutionize how they operate.”

The firm went on to highlight one particular use case for how they were implementing blockchain in the healthcare field, referring to how one of its clients developed a solution based on Distributed Ledgers Technology.

A large health insurance provider, it had problems with its claims processes, what with errors slipping through in the process due to time lag between system updates across the chain.

Pharmacies, medical care providers, and insurance systems.

Luxoft implemented a digital ledger solution running on AWS, while developing digital interfaces to link the legacy systems to each member in the claims process chain. This not only solved problems with accuracy, reduced administration time and complaints, but also increased customer satisfaction.

Speaking of customer satisfaction, this could be one of the reasons why Amazon has opened itself up to a partnership, instead of devoting significant resources to blockchain technology.

Of course, that may change in the future, but for now, AWS is happy sitting back, and letting others do the heavy lifting.