Siemens MindSphere To Be Hosted On AWS

IoT World

Siemens has recently announced that it will be hosting the latest release of its MindSphere platform for the first time on Amazon Web Services in January 2018.

MindSphere is the company’s open cloud based Internet of Things operating system.

The IoT OS provides users with the ability to develop Internet of Things solutions on a shorter timeline for customers across various industries — most notably in key areas like aerospace, defense, energy, and utilities.

It has been designed to deliver a wide range of device and enterprise application connectivity protocol options, industry applications, and advanced analytics in an innovative environment that utilizes both the open PaaS capabilities that Siemens provides, along with the cloud services that AWS offers.

Essentially, the best of both worlds.

Siemens MindSphere Logo

Openness is a key cornerstone of this platform, with MindSphere enabling a partner ecosystem that can be used to develop and deliver new applications. Its applications are being developed across multiple Siemens business units.

This collaboration with AWS, combined with a global base of millions of installed devices that Siemens boasts, has all what it takes for partners to developed MindSphere apps and deliver digital services via the cloud.

Business ready IoT solutions have rarely looked this good.

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