ServerCentral To Offer Managed AWS Services

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ServerCentral has just announced a strategic investment in Turin Group, a privately held company based in Chicago that has expertise in AWS services ranging from migrations to management of applications.

It is also known for its focus on architecture, development and transformation on the Amazon Web Services platform.

This is the sixth strategic investment ServerCentral has made in its 17-year operating history, and expands the managed services capabilities that the company offers to its clients across North America, Europe and Asia.

These managed services will now prominently include AWS, and this new partnership will essentially allow the company to offer a range of software and application development, migration, architecture and transformation services for the Amazon cloud ecosystem.

Bill Lowry, Vice President, Products for ServerCentral:

“We see far too many companies spin up cloud resources without a plan, then watch their cloud costs skyrocket – and they’re looking for help. ServerCentral and Turing Group have the expertise and are committed to helping companies transform their businesses while optimizing costs in hybrid environments.

Both ServerCentral and Turing Group believe we serve our customers’ needs by putting the right workloads in the right place with the services to ensure the success of the application. This is core to doing right by the customer in any and all circumstances.”

ServerCentral has designed and managed IT infrastructures in datacenters for corporations engaged in the fields of technology, finance, healthcare and ecommerce, and this latest expansion is set to make the company a significant player in the public cloud arena.