Deloitte Using AWS To Supercharge Cloud Capabilities For Businesses

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Supercharge! That’s what Deloitte is planning on, as it expands its cloud capabilities by forming an AWS cloud practice that aims to assist businesses change the way they work their entire organizations.

Lofty claims, but entirely possible, considering the caliber of the two companies involved.

This joint practice is set to include digital core enterprise applications like SAP, analytics solutions, as well as front and back office systems. Deloitte New Zealand will use the Amazon Web Services platform to assist its clients to take full advantage of the cloud.

In the words of Cobus Scholtz, consulting managing partner, Deloitte NZ:

“The collaboration is about more than just technology.

It allows us to assist our clients from cloud strategy, to procurement, to considering the effects of cloud on their workforce. And our SAP customers can take advantage of our SAP AWS capability to accelerate their core transformation.

It’s incredible to think that we can now create a full AWS architecture in a few minutes – something that used to take days, if not weeks. We’re aiming to be the AWS services provider that organizations turn to when they want to move fast with quality and precision.”

Deloitte believes its experience and services, when combined with the scale and flexibility of the AWS cloud will turn out to be an invaluable combination for enterprises.

Ultimately, it offers an opportunity the company to offer a more streamlined business experience to more organizations, which is what they need in this explosively expanding world of cloud technologies and capabilities.

Good stuff.