Red Hat Extends Strategic Alliance With AWS

Red Hat and Amazon Web Services have confirmed the extension of their strategic alliance to natively integrate access to AWS services into Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

This unique offering will see Red Hat make AWS services directly accessible from within its container platform, allowing customers the ability to take advantage of the most broadly adopted cloud in the world, either on AWS or on-premise.

They will have the chance to seamlessly configure and deploy a range of AWS services like Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, Amazon EMR, Amazon Athena, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Route 53, as well as Elastic Load Balancing.

Jim Whitehurst, president and CEO, Red Hat:

“Container adoption is taking off in the enterprise, and this alliance is designed to accelerate that by giving customers access to AWS services directly within Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. By bringing together the incredible pace of innovation and breadth of functionality that AWS provides with the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise-grade container platform, we’re enabling customers to bring the combined advantages of these offerings across their hybrid environments with the backing of our joint support.”

Along with providing an easier way for developers to deploy their applications in containers, Red Hat and AWS are also working together to enable new AWS services with Red Hat Enterprise Linux more rapidly.

The two companies plan to closely align the development and release dates, in order to deliver AWS innovations more quickly to the tens of thousands of customers that have either migrated or built new workloads using Red Hat Enterprise Linux on the Amazon Web Services platform.