ScaleGrid Brings Shared MongoDB Hosting To AWS


ScaleGrid, a rising name in database hosting and management, has just announced shared hosting for their MongoDB management plans on Amazon Web Services.

This new plan is available immediately, alongside the company’s Dedicated Cluster and Bring Your Own Cloud database management plans. ScaleGrid also plans to make the shared model available on other providers like Azure and DigitalOcean.

As well, as in additional AWS regions in the near future.

In the words of Dharshan Rangegowda, ScaleGrid CEO and Founder:

“We’re very excited to bring our full suite of database management features to our Shared Cluster plan and drive the market forward at a reduced cost. One of the greatest benefits of our shared hosting is the ability to enable compression, allowing our customers to significantly save on their hosting costs while retaining high speeds and little to no load on their system.”

The company’s Shared Cluster plan covers an unlimited number of databases and comes with their full suite of premium database management tools.

These include features like slow query analysis, alerts, web command line and automated monitoring. Shared Clusters supports MongoDB version 3.4.9 with a 3-node replica set, Snappy Compression and WiredTiger storage engine for the AWS cloud.

SendGrid offers all this in an all-inclusive pricing deal, which includes all network, disk, machine and management costs for $10 per GB.

These MongoDB Shared Cluster plans are highly-available and hosted in Docker containers.

You can find out more information here.