AWS Now Certified For Indian Government Customers

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AWS has become the first global cloud service provider for delivering public cloud servers to government customers in India, the company announced today.

Amazon Internet Services, the Indian subsidiary of the Amazon Group, will undertake the resale and marketing of cloud services in the country, as it recently achieved full CSP empanelment by the Ministry of Electronics and Information.

What this means is that government organizations and state run banks can now use the Amazon Web Services cloud platform and the innovative services it offers.

Peter Moore, Regional Managing Director, Amazon Web Services, Public Sector, Asia Pacific:

“The empanelment of the AWS Cloud is paving the way for innovation so that government bodies can serve citizens more effectively, achieve scientific breakthroughs, reach broader constituents, and invest more time and resources into their core missions.

We are excited to deepen our engagement with central, state and local governments and public sector bodies in India to offer them the broadest suite of cloud services, and a transformational approach to accelerate the deployment of digital services in the country.”

AWS already servers a range of public sector customers in India, including the likes of the Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corp, the Center for Science and Environment, CSC eGovernance services, and the Indian Institute of Science to name but a few.

Since the launch of the AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) region in 2016, more than 120,000 customers now rely on the Amazon cloud platform for their cloud computing needs.

This is a figure that is set for a massive rise now, after this latest development.