HDFC Life Relies On AWS For Its Agile Data Platform

Life Insurance

The AWS insurance. HDFC Standard Life Insurance, one of the largest insurance providers in India, has built a new data platform on AWS, which goes by the name of Atom.

It helps the company analyze customer expectations, and meaningfully engage with them on online platforms. The idea being to simplify the entire journey across multiple touch points — from understanding a life insurance product to purchasing it.

Using the Amazon Web Services platform enabled the company to facilitate an agile and responsive solution for its customer base that helps deliver a frictionless onboarding experience.

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Subrat Mohanty, Senior EVP & Head of Strategy, Operations, BS&T & Health, HDFC Life:

“Our objective is to enable customers make an informed decision and simplify the buying journey for them. Our digital platform Atom, powered by AWS Cloud, enables us to give customers a superior digital experience by helping them understand the benefits of life insurance and getting them started on their purchasing journeys.

As a solution provider, AWS has provided us a platform that is complete, enterprise-ready, and meets the regulatory requirement of data security. We believe this platform will help us fulfil our objective and offer greater convenience to customers.”

He highlighted the fact that AWS has robust data privacy, security and compliance measures in place, and this helped the company not only in designing and building its platform, but also regularly auditing it to meet the most rigorous compliance standards.

Another in for Amazon, in a region that is on track for massive growth.