Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.7 High On AWS Integration

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Red Hat is all in on, Kubernetes, the cloud container orchestration platform of choice. The company has released OpenShift Container Platform 3.7 that comes with complete integration for Kubernetes.

As well as Amazon Web Services.

Red Hat OpenShift Logo

The company detailed this saying that its enterprise grade container application platform is perfect for building and managing containers from datacenters to the public cloud — integration with AWS means that the Amazon cloud is directly accessible from the OpenShift Container Platform.

They can easily configure and deploy AWS services, the following of which are available at the time of launch of this latest version:

  • Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)
  • Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS)
  • Amazon Athena
  • AWS Route 53
  • Amazon Simple Storage Services (S3)
  • Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)
  • Amazon ElastiCache
  • Amazon Redshift Simple Email Service (SES)
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR)

Good going.

You can read up on the impressive feature set of the OpenShift Container Platform 3.7 at the link above, there is a lot to like in this new launch.

Red Hat is one of the companies that sees a hybrid cloud future ahead.

For this reason, is betting big on both private and public clouds. Red Hat sees Kubernetes as a common operating plane for cloud native computing using containers. Sort of like the Linux kernel, in that it is a cloud infrastructure that everybody is going to build on.

Doubly so, now that Amazon is finally in the game, as well.