Looker Support For Amazon Redshift Spectrum Goes Official

Amazon Redshift Spectrum is a new feature for the Amazon Redshift platform that has been designed to allow customers to query data stored in Amazon S3 immediately.

They can do this directly from within the platform, without any transformation or movement of data.

Companies continue to add support for this feature, and the latest to do so is Looker — a provider of data analytics and business insights. The company announced this integration today, confirming that Looker customers can immediately take advantage of the new Spectrum feature.

Amazon Redshift has quickly become one of the most popular cloud data warehouse, and customers now have the ability to access and analyze all of their data stored in Amazon S3, out to exabytes, without having to move to Amazon Redshift.

Lloyd Tabb, CTO and co-founder of Looker:

“We’ve always believed that SQL analytic databases would get faster and more powerful, and we’re continuing to see that hold true. We see Amazon Redshift Spectrum bringing Amazon Redshift to a whole new level of capability, because it allows queries to access essentially an infinite amount of data in S3 with minimal time to insight. It’s a great day for our customers using Amazon Redshift who can benefit right away from Looker and Amazon Redshift Spectrum.”

Thanks to the sophisticated query optimization and scaling processing across thousands of nodes that Redshift Spectrum applies, results are already lightning fast.

Add to this the fact that Looker support will allow customers to quickly hook up their Amazon Athena or Hive Metastore data catalogs to the data stored in S3, and they will be able to easily model that data in the most intuitive and scalable way possible.

With this new integration, Looker customers of all levels will be able to immediately access and analyze all the structured or unstructured data that is stored in Redshift and S3.

Find out more about this native support for Redshift Spectrum on the official Looker website.