Puppet Interview – AWS Summit London 2017

Puppet Interview - AWS Summit London 2017

Puppet Interview – AWS Summit London 2017

During the AWS Summit London 2017 event, AWSforBusiness.com met up with Alberta from Puppet.

She had a few words to say about her company.

Puppet Interview – AWS Summit London 2017

Here is a quick Overview of the Company

Puppet Essentially provides infrastructure as code supporting all Technical vertical and platforms.
They are platform agnostic meaning you can use them if you have you infrastructure on Premises, off Premises, or a bit of both.
They provide and end to end service from start of you process to finish.

As containers and microservices become more main-stream, you need tools to help your path to adoption. Puppet Enterprise helps to pave the way, getting you there faster and with fewer bumps in the road.

Configuration Management
Unlike error-prone procedural scripts, which require you to define every step for configuring systems, Puppet Enterprise lets you simply define the desired state of your infrastructure and applications.

The cloud can make you more agile, but not if you’re bogged down in manual management. Automate with Puppet to scale up and down quickly, and control your cloud costs.

It was really nice meeting the puppet team at the event.Hopefully they will be at  AWS Reinvent 2017

You can find puppet at www.puppet.com or on twitter @puppetize

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