Cloudreach Interview – AWS Summit London 2017

Cloudreach Interview – AWS Summit London 2017

Cloudreach Interview – AWS Summit London 2017

During the event, met up with Darren Ritchie from Cloudreach.

He agreed to do a quick interview and tell us a bit about his company

Here is the video where he tells about his company

Cloudreach Interview – AWS Summit London 2017

Cloudreach overview

Cloudreach are Datacentre to cloud migration specialists

Cloudreach carefully select or develop the tools required for successful cloud adoption, driven by Cloudreach’s deep expertise.
Freeing their customers financially and mentally from traditional IT models enabling them to innovate and become tomorrow’s leaders.
Delivering strategy, planning, implementation and business transformation, but invest heavily in operational tooling and services capabilities to ensure continued cloud availability, performance and uptime for their customers.

Cloud platforms represent the most powerful technology available, but require enablement for customer use. This includes everything from setting up your cloud billing and governance through to assessing and migrating environments (including security and best practices) or simply assisting with engineering and setting up cloud infrastructure for customer teams to use.

Cloudreach goes beyond a traditional systems integrator, and has expertise and tools, which can help customers, integrate any application or business process. Whether this is integration of application data from SAP to your CRM system, or from devices to AWS’s or Microsoft’s native IoT platforms, Cloudreach can help.

Cloudreach provides cloud Managed Services, helping their customers operate their cloud environments in a range of models, from traditional ITIL based Managed Services for Mode 1 environments through to Agile Operations for Mode 2 applications.
Beyond that, cloudreach also help organisations with ongoing financial, security and governance management, providing for instance advanced billing, threat management and policy enforcement.

It was really nice meeting the cloudreach team at the event. Hopefully we will see you at AWS Reinvent 2017

You can find puppet at or on twitter @cloudreach

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