Scality Interview – AWS Summit London 2017

Scality Interview – AWS Summit London 2017

Scality Interview – AWS Summit London 2017

During the event, met up with Jerome Lecat the CEO of Scality .

He agreed to do a quick interview and tell us a bit about his company.

Here is the video where he tells us about Scality

Scality Interview – AWS Summit London 2017

Scality Overview

Scality was showcasing and speaking to the attendees about their S3 Server. They are the world leader in object and cloud storage and have developed cost-effective Software Defined Storage across healthcare, scientific research, finance, media, manufacturing design and government use cases.
All this is available under the Apache 2.0 license, Scality S3 Server is free to use and to embed into developer applications where high availability, resiliency, and scalability is paramount. Scality S3 server has garnered nearly 600,000 DockerHub pulls since it was introduced in June 2016 and has many companies using the solution in production, such as Polyconseil and Cityzen Data.

Scality RING, which serves over 500 million end-users worldwide with over 800 billion objects in production.
Scality RING software deploys on any industry-standard x86 server, uniquely delivering performance, 100% availability and data durability, while integrating easily in the datacenter thanks to its native support for directory integration, traditional file applications and over 45 certified applications.
Scality’s complete solutions excel at serving the specific storage needs of Global 2000 Enterprise, Media and Entertainment, Government and Cloud Provider customers while delivering up to 90% reduction in TCO versus legacy storage.

A global company, Scality is headquartered in San Francisco in the USA.

Follow them on Twitter @scality or to learn more about them.

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