AWS Bumps Up Datacenter Capacity In London

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The cloud giant grows again! Amazon has extended the capacity of its cloud computing infrastructure by adding more capacity to the its London region. And more is yet to come.

This is the 50th availability zone for AWS, with 12 more in the pipeline and set to go live real soon.

In case you’re unaware, an AWS region is a separate geographic area that Amazon then subdivides into availability zones that are made up of one or more computing datacenters. These are far enough from one another so that a single event does not take them both offline.

Yet, close enough to provide rapid failover for business continuity applications.

As the company revealed, the addition of this third zone to its EU (London) region gives customers more flexibility to architect applications that are fault-tolerant, and run across multiple availability zones in the United Kingdom.

AWS Europe (London) region was made up of two availability zones when it launched in December 2016.

Users in the Old Continent now have access to three availability zones in Frankfurt, three in Ireland, three in Paris, and now, three in London.

With this new development, the AWS cloud has now expanded to 50 availability zones across 18 geographic regions. The cloud giant has already announced plans for 12 more availability zones and four more regions.

Namely, Bahrain, Hong Kong SAR, Sweden, and a second AWS GovCloud Region in the US.